Here you can find all available SUPERB resources as well as selected readings and studies on forest restoration, among other materials and publications.

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Forest Restoration Talks

Webinar 1: If nature is the solution, what is the problem?
Forest Restoration Talk with John Stanturf (InNovaSilva, Estonian University of Life Sciences)
Webinar 2: Biodiversity as a key asset for forest restoration in Europe
Forest Restoration Talk with Bart Muys (KU Leuven)
Webinar 3: Forest Landscape Restoration and local community involvement: delivering on the promises to succeed in restoration
Forest Restoration Talk with Markus Höhl (International Climate Initiative)
Webinar 4: European forest restoration: urgently needed, but where and how?
Forest Restoration Talk with the SUPERB Work Package leaders
Webinar 5: Governments commit to forest restoration. But what does it take to restore forests?
Forest Restoration Talk with Stephanie Mansourian ( and Mercy Derkyi (University of Energy and Natural Resources)
Webinar 6: Billions of trees? The how, where and don’ts of tree planting
Forest Restoration Talk with Giorgio Vacchiano (University of Milan)
Webinar 7: Restoration Policy Accelerator: A journey to inspire, innovate and streamline restoration policies
Forest Restoration Talk with René Zamora-Cristales (World Resources Institute)
Webinar 8: Situating forest restoration with digital methods
Forest Restoration Talk with Jonathan Gray, Liliana Bounegru (King’s College London) and Rina Tsubaki (European Forest Institute)
Webinar 9: Public perceptions of Forest Landscape Restoration across the world
Forest Restoration Talk with Moses Kazungu (WSL Research), Vianny Ahimbisibwe (Thünen Institute) and Åsa Granberg (SUPERB Swedish demo, Västerbotten County Administration)
Webinar 10: New Standards of Practice to Guide Ecosystem Restoration – Views from Science and Practice
Forest Restoration Talk with George Gann (Society for Ecological Restoration) and Michael Kleine (IUFRO)
Webinar 11: (In)Coherences in EU Forest-Related Policies under the framework of the Nature Restoration Law
Forest Restoration Talk with Metodi Sotirov and Simon Fleckenstein (University of Freiburg). Panel discussion with ELO, CEPF and the Finnish Forest Industries Federation
Webinar 12: Assisted translocations of tree populations in support of the European forest carbon sink potential
Forest Restoration Talk with Silvio Schüler (Austrian Research Centre for Forest in Vienna – BFW).
Webinar 13: Restoring mountain forests in the Berchtesgaden National Park
Forest Restoration Talk with Christina Dollinger (Technical University of Munich)
Webinar 14: COP28 recap: Implications for ecosystem restoration & nature conservation
Forest Restoration Talk with Trevor Walter (WWF Chile) and Alice Bisiaux (European Forest Institute)
Webinar 15: Ecosystem Restoration on a landscape level: how can it work in practice?
Forest Restoration Talk with Magda Bou Dagher Kharrat (European Forest Institute, SUPERB project), Sebastian Birk (University of Duisburg-Essen, MERLIN project coordinator), Shane Mc Guinness (University College Dublin, WATERLANDS project) and Ana Iglesias (Technical University of Madrid, REST-COAST project)
Webinar 16: Tree planting and water cycling: always a win-win situation?
Forest Restoration Talk with Yanhui Wang (Ecology and Nature Conservation Institute, Chinese Academy of Forestry) and Zhang Mingfang (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
Webinar 17: Perspectives on EU soil protection
Forest Restoration Talk with Prof. Karen Vankampenhout (KU Leuven) and Dr. Rainer Baritz (European Environment Agency)
Webinar 18: Climate impacts on wildfires regimes in European forests
Forest Restoration Talk with Marco Patacca (Wageningen Research)

Video interviews

The cost of putting the environment on the backburner
By SUPERB researchers Thomas Lundhede, Joseph Bull, Sophus zu Ermgassen, Niels Strange,
Qian Liu, Charlotte Süring, Sven Wunder and Bo Jellesmark Thorsen

Comments on the draft Nature Restoration Law
By the EU-funded projects SUPERB, MERLIN, REST-COAST, WaterLANDS and PONDERFUL

Forest Biodiversity in Europe

EFI’s “From Science to Policy” series

This study focuses on how we can effectively maintain and enhance forest biodiversity in Europe. It looks at what is at stake, the current external and internal threats to forest biodiversity and makes recommendations for how we should respond – both in terms of forest management, and also in terms of the policy landscape and finance. Download the study.

Nature as an Asset Class or Public Good?

The Economic Case for Increased Public Investment to Achieve Biodiversity Targets


Katie Kedward (UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose)

Sophus O. S. E. zu Ermgassen (University of Oxford – Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science)

Josh Ryan-Collins (UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose)

Sven Wunder (EFI and Center for International Forestry Research – CIFOR)

Download the study

Heavy reliance on private finance alone will not deliver conservation goals


Katie Kedward & Josh Ryan-Collins (Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, University College London, London, UK)

Sophus zu Ermgassen (Department of Biology, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK)

Sven Wunder (European Forest Institute, Barcelona, Spain)

Download the commentary

Policy responses to the Ukraine crisis threaten European biodiversity

SUPERB researchers Niels Strange from the University of Copenhagen and Joseph William Bull from Kent University recently contributed to the “Correspondence” section of the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution, elaborating on the policy movement away from Russia as a response to the Ukraine crisis and how the recent EU changes to land use policy could jeopardize hard-won gains in efforts to combat biodiversity decline in Europe. Read the article.

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