Here you can find all available SUPERB resources as well as selected readings and studies on forest restoration, among other materials and publications.

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Forest Biodiversity in Europe

EFI’s “From Science to Policy” series

This study focuses on how we can effectively maintain and enhance forest biodiversity in Europe. It looks at what is at stake, the current external and internal threats to forest biodiversity and makes recommendations for how we should respond – both in terms of forest management, and also in terms of the policy landscape and finance. Download the study.

Policy responses to the Ukraine crisis threaten European biodiversity

SUPERB researchers Niels Strange from the University of Copenhagen and Joseph William Bull from Kent University recently contributed to the “Correspondence” section of the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution, elaborating on the policy movement away from Russia as a response to the Ukraine crisis and how the recent EU changes to land use policy could jeopardize hard-won gains in efforts to combat biodiversity decline in Europe. Read the article.

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