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Rise from the ashes

Rise from the ashes

Oct 21, 2022

#RestorationStory by Bas Lerink, supported by Judit Torres and Iñigo Oleagordia Montaña The sun peaks over the roof of Cathedral Santa Maria as I make my way downtown the city of León. The huge stained-glass windows…

Exploring Romanian forests – an unexpected journey

Exploring Romanian forests – an unexpected journey

Aug 24, 2022

by Silke Jacobs, Sara Filipek, Gert-Jan Nabuurs & Bas Lerink ‘Timber Mafia’, ‘Notorious corruption’ and ‘Destruction of last virgin forests’. News articles about Romanian forests and their management are dominated by headlines like these or with…

Did you know soil is a living resource, home to more than 25% of our 🌎's #biodiversity?

Soil biodiversity is key to global food security, we need to protect our soils!

Via @FAOAfrica

Our next guest is @gvacchiano, researcher at @LaStatale

He focuses on simulation models supporting sustainable #forest management, #mitigation & #adaptation to #climatechange & natural #disturbances in European forests

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How does forest management affect #biodiversity, #carbon storage & resilience?⚖️

Answers from science are ambiguous, so @BartMuys & @JonasSimons5 are finding clarity by comparing 300 managed & unmanaged forest patches across 🇪🇺

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Forests are key to combating #ClimateChange but also suffer from it. How do we keep #forests healthy & increase their carbon sinks?

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