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The sweet chestnut orchard on the right side, with holm oak on the left (southward facing) side of the slope.

Rise from the ashes

Oct 21, 2022

#RestorationStory by Bas Lerink, supported by Judit Torres and Iñigo Oleagordia Montaña The sun peaks over the roof of Cathedral Santa Maria as I make my way downtown the city of León. The huge stained-glass windows light up in red and yellow, as a promise for a hot day. I am meeting our Spanish SUPERB colleagues in their CESEFOR office, to catch up with recent activities in our SUPERB demonstration site. It is great…

Exploring Romania Forest

Exploring Romanian forests – an unexpected journey

Aug 24, 2022

by Silke Jacobs, Sara Filipek, Gert-Jan Nabuurs & Bas Lerink ‘Timber Mafia’, ‘Notorious corruption’ and ‘Destruction of last virgin forests’. News articles about Romanian forests and their management are dominated by headlines like these or with…