Upcoming webinar – Tree planting and water cycling: always a win-win situation?

In the next SUPERB/IUFRO Forest Restoration Talk, we’ll take a trip to the Loess Plateau in China to investigate the nexus between forest restoration and water.

As climate change impacts creep in, considering the options and limitations of forest restoration from the perspective of water cycling has become critical, especially in dry regions of the world. We need to transform traditional approaches to restoration by taking into account water resource limitations, the impacts of forestry practices on water resources, and the optimisation of multiple forest functions and services.

Using afforestation in the Loess Plateau as a regional example, we’ll discuss the topic with two speakers from IUFRO’s Transforming Forest Landscapes Task Force:

• Yanhui Wang, Ecology and Nature Conservation Institute, Chinese Academy of Forestry

• Zhang Mingfang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

The webinar “Tree planting and water cycling: always a win-win situation?” takes place on the 10th of April, at 16:00 CET.