Webinar: “Ecosystem Restoration on a Landscape level – how can it work in practice?” 

Landscape approaches to ecosystem restoration are gaining traction worldwide, helping to rebuild degraded ecosystems for the benefit of people and nature while leveraging local and scientific expertise and enhancing stakeholder cooperation. To deliver large-scale landscape restoration across Europe, the European Commission is funding four flagship projects as part of the EU Green Deal and as a direct input to the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the new Nature Restoration Law.  

The EU Green Deal ecosystem restoration cluster – composed of the SUPERB, MERLIN, WaterLANDS and REST-COAST projects – totals 85 million euros of investment, spread out across forest, freshwater, wetlands and coastal ecosystems. Individually, the four projects are conducting on-the-ground restoration efforts in each of their ecosystems and paving the way for further upscaling and replication activities in the years to come. Together, they are working on joint challenges, creating common tools and resources, such as the upcoming Nature Restoration Gateway, and debating how restoration across different ecosystems can be coordinated at the landscape scale. 

The next step in this collaboration is the webinar “Ecosystem Restoration on a Landscape level – how can it work in practice?”, to be held on 13 March, 16:00 CET, as part of the SUPERB Monthly Forest Restoration Talks. Representatives of the four projects will gather to discuss their experiences with restoration on a practical level, common challenges and ideas on how a more integrated approach to landscape restoration might look like.  

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Webinar speakers: 

  • Magda Bou Dagher Kharrat, Principal Scientist, European Forest Institute, SUPERB project coordinator 
  • Sebastian Birk, Senior Scientist and Lecturer, University of Duisburg-Essen, MERLIN project coordinator 
  • Shane Mc Guinness, Assistant Professor, University College Dublin, WATERLANDS project coordinator 
  • Ana Iglesias, Professor, Technical University of Madrid – UPM, REST-COAST project