World Environment Day: How SUPERB helps trees to migrate

In a rapidly changing world impacted by climate change, humans can seek out more suitable environments. However, the same luxury is not available to tree species. They face the daunting challenge of adapting to new conditions or risk facing extinction. Assisted migration becomes a vital strategy to assist species in escaping unfavorable conditions.

Assisting trees to migrate

Using species distribution models we can identify areas where species may thrive and relocate them, increasing their chances of survival and maintaining biodiversity. However, it is not just about selecting the right species; we must also consider the appropriate forest reproductive material (FRM) for each species. This is where the universal response function comes into the picture. By utilizing these tools, we can identify the genetically best-suited planting material adapted to future conditions for a particular species in a given region. The efforts we are undertaking in SUPERB, assisting the our demos sites in selecting the best species and provenances, serve as a testament to our commitment to conservation and the preservation of our natural world.